Contact me for price or information about originals, via resonanteye@gmail.com
Prints are variously available; I enjoy making my own as well and adding an additional layer of detail to them, so if you’d like a handmade and repainted print, please email me for cost and information. Open edition prints are always available at this link.

I had never picked up watercolors until about five or six years ago. I’d always painted in oil. This is simultaneously the most difficult and the most enjoyable medium I’ve ever used (including tattoo). The unpredictable nature of the washes, combined with the ability to be absolutely precise, makes me very happy.

Here is a small selection of my better works in watercolor. To see more, visit the archives.

To purchase some of these, visit the print site.

Also, you’ll notice at the bottom of each page a small strip of logos. Please use those to share my work with others! I could use all the help I can get.



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