The landscapes on this page are painted on-site. I’ve chosen only the few I feel best represent my work.
Most originals have sold, prints may be found  here
please email for information about purchasing originals. resonanteye at

roadweb tvnet (1)  waldportweb  treeweb

13457999Painted on site at the side of a logging road in Alsea, Oregon. 13x13" ish. on coldpress. I still have the original of this one, as well as some prints I made on heavy rag paper. This road was how the mail got through to my town when there was a mudslide on the main road on either side of town one year. They used a neighbor's 4x4 to get into and out of town to pick up the mail. Also, that's a clearcut off on the left.

I painted this while waiting for a tow. The sky was just like that, there's no exaggeration in this painting whatsoever. It was dusk/twlight, the sun had JUST gone down and the town there was puny. The original of this has sold but prints are available, nice ones. You can find them at this secret link right here.kjnmom

yeller highway idahoil_570xN.309590295il_570xN.306677930DSC_0410 (2)


il_570xN.323032208ANJI MARTH TATTOOS AND ART (79)  il_570xN.312661398work in progress, windy storm over the coast range in oregon

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